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We Haul All Types of Loads

We haul all types of loads: Flatbed, Dry-Van, Reefer, and Power Only

Flatbed: Covering all flatbed loads. Legal and oversize, heavy haul.


48' and 53' FT long trailers/ 4', 6' and 8' FT tarps

Construction materials, construction equipment's. Metals and minerals, Autoparts Lumber Machinery

Dry-Van: We haul any kind of dry loads. Load bars, straps, e-tracks.


Van Logistics 53', Vented Van 53', Van 53', Van 48'

Plumbing materials, Construction materials, Furniture and Household goods. Clean recycle products, Electronic devices, Medical supplies. Paper, Carton, Tires, Telecommunication Equipment. Clothing, Dry food, Beverages

Reefer: Experts on temperature control loads. Load bars, straps, e-tracks.


Logistics Reefer 53', Vented Van "VV" 53', Reefer 53'. Reefer 48'

Fruits and Vegetables, Plants and Flowers, Pharmaceutical Products, Poultry and Meats, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Beverages, Perishables, Dairy Products

Power Only: Can hook up any type of trailer

Reefer, Dry Van, Flatbed, Containers, Chassis

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